24 Hours CCTV (Closed Circuit Television System)

monitoring the safety and security of our Hostels.

Kung Fu Hostel / Garden Hostel Tour


We have noticed that some of the illegal/dishonest merchandiser in Hong Kong are counterfeit the name of our Garden Hostel and without our authorization to act on our behalf as booking agent or owners to arrange the room reservations and demanding the room guests to arrange bank - in the advance rents or deposits to their bank account in order to secure bookings.

They even print vouchers with heading and telephone number of Garden Hostel to convince the guests to believe. We will not be responsible for those payment.

To avoid any loss of money and unpleasant things happen, we suggest making bookings directly with us.

In order to protect your interests, please be noted that:

Shoestring Travel is the only authorized travel agency in Hong Kong to book and collect the rent of Garden Hostel. We have not ratified any person, hotel, hostel, or travel agent on our behalf.


We only have ONE bank account, details are as follows:


Account Number: 295 - 8 - 092427

Account holder: GARDEN HOSTEL



The Garden Hostel is the only guest house that provides you a garden and activity area. Travelers have abundant space for relaxation. Responsibility and professionalism of owner attracts domestic and foreign tourists to come. Recently, a lot of people use names similar to Garden Hostel to masquerade.

To avoid being misled and loss of money, please bear in mind that:

Garden Hostel is located at Flat F4 & F1, 3/F, Mirador Mansion. No other floors.

Garden Hostel does not have any staff soliciting at the entrances of building and station. If someone pretend to be staff of Garden House or show our business cards to sell you, it must be fake.

Garden House has a garden with variety of plants and activity area. If you cannot see any garden or activity area, DON'T PAY ANY MONEY.


Garden Hostel provides you with a full set of facilities, such as :

  • A real garden with variety of plants;
  • Open area for activity;
  • Coin-operated karaoke;
  • Safe and reliable lockers;
  • Self-service laundry facilities;
  • Broadband network connection;
  • CCTV monitoring system;

We have an associated travel agency, Shoestring Travel, can help you to order tickets, tours and other travelling matters. China visa can also be arranged through our service. Our staff speaks fluent Chinese and English to ensure that there is no problem in communication. Our 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance ensure the safety and property of all our guests, so that they can enjoy the journey without any worries.


For room reservations or inquiries, please contact us by:

For reservations or inquiries of tours, ticket ordering, Disneyland, Ocean Park tickets, please contact us by:


After your payment, we will send to you the official receipt by fax or e-mail, receipt will clearly state the guests name, accommodation date and rate. Please bring this official receipt when you check in.


OWNER SAM LAU is an assistant of Grandmaster Yip Man, teach Wing Chun.

  • 1995 onwards accept the appointment as vice-chairman of  Chinese Dragon & Lion Dance Sports Association from General  Administration of Sport

  • Former member of Traditional Wushu Committee of China of General Administration of Sport

  • Vice chairman of Shenzhen Wushu Association

 Particularly care for our compatriots



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